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Infinity Mobile App

Go Mobile for Service, Parts & Inventory Management

Keep everyone connected no matter where they are with the Infinity Mobile App, streamlining pickups and deliveries, outside sales, parts check-ins and everything in between!

The app is fully integrated with your Infinity system and works on most Apple or Android devices.

Want to see how it works? Watch this webinar recording so you can get:
  • Full understanding of what’s included in the app
  • Download Info SheetBreakdown of the app’s key features and benefits
  • Detailed view of the inner workings of the app
  • & much more


Why should you consider it:


Streamline Inventory Control      Streamline Inventory Control

        Keep an eye on all your parts and units, scan barcodes and conduct inventory counts using your mobile device.


Speed Up Unit Check-Ins       Speed Up Unit Check-Ins

         Create work orders that include parts, symptoms and other details. Track who’s working on what and take photos of failed parts.


Improve Tech Efficiency       Improve Tech Efficiency

         Get your techs to easily view and select all the tasks assigned to them, without having to go back to a terminal.


Process Payments More Easily       Process Payments More Easily

         Turn your tablet or smartphone into a point-of-sale device to take credit card payments on work orders.


See what others say about it:


“We use it for inventory, being able to use the scanner and report back to the system directly is crazy fast compared to pen and paper!

Jake Ricker, Bakers Hardware Power & Turf


“Being able to access our available inventory on the go without going back behind the counter has really been a positive change for our Sales People.  Customers are also more engaged.

Roy Olivares, Royal Edger & Mower


“The ability for our service techs to upload a photo to a work order from the tablet instead f taking a photo from a camera and THEN loading it on the computer saves a lot of time.

Bob Milander, Whitehall Turf


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